Lakes near Varese
Una delle belle spiagge del Lago di Monate ove è possibile prendere il sole e fare il bagno. One of the beautiful beaches of Lake Monate where you can sunbathe and swim.


B&B Vinago Belvedere is in a central position considering the disposition of the lakes near Varese


The beautiful Comabbio Lake is distant 8 km; here you can find a circular cycle lane that encloses the lake. You can also enjoy the rowing sport activities on the lake.


Nearby you can find the swimming Monate Lake; here the water is crystal clear. You can find beautiful beaches in order to relax and swim closet o the nature.


Here you can find the Guide about the Monate Lake Beaches.


Nearby you can also find the Varese Lake with its cycle lane; here you can visit the Prehistoric Museum on the little Isle Virginia  and the piling civilization.


And then the amazing Maggiore Lake with its beautiful monuments and nature.